NEW!!! We are now a provider for the workforce development program in Massachusetts! Eligible students can get half of the tuition paid for through this program. For questions click here. Or contact us for details. (You must also register with F.E.A.S.T. and a $200 deposit to hold your spot.)

A few other funding ideas to stimulate your thinking….

Professional Development. Your work place may have money set aside for their employees to learn new skills and improve their knowledge base. Ask you supervisor to help you fund this workshop!

Get sponsorship from family and friends in exchange for design work after the course. They will be investing in your education and the payoff is in taking advantage of the skills you learn.  If you can get five sponsors for $200 each, then you will get the benefit of five practice designs.  Then you can sell your skills to others.

Just Ask. That’s right, if you ask, people will give you money! Here is a sample letter you can send to your network to support this great learning opportunity. To share what you learned in the class invite them all over after and tell them about it: SAMPLE FUNDING LETTER

College Credit. If you are a college student you may be able to take this course for credit. Contact us about the details.

Throw a fundraising BBQ. With fresh fish you caught and/or veggies from your garden.  Tell people a little bit about Permaculture and what you plan to do with what you learn, then ask people to donate $25-$50 to help you achieve your goals.  Ask some friends to play music or donate food.  You will only need to convince a party’s worth of people to give money to cover your costs.

Pot up your raspberry shoots that are coming up where you don’t want them and sell them at the farmer’s market.

Make dandelion fritters and sell them at the farmers market.

Hold a workshop teaching whatever skill you have or whatever is your passion or hobby… everyone wants to learn something new!  (Charging people $10 per workshop hour seems about right, so a 3 hour workshop is $30) Or ask your friends to donate their time to teach a workshop.  Making cheese, keeping chickens, pruning trees, baking bread, starting a garden, making a website, knitting, etc.

Workforce Fund for MA residents

We are now a provider of employer subsidized tuition that is run through the Office of Labor and Workforce Development programs’ Workforce Training Fund (WTF).

Everyone is expected to pay the $200 dollar deposit to hold your spot in the course. You will get back your deposit once you have been accepted into the WTF program. Please note your interest in WTF when you register for F.E.A.S.T.

To apply for the fund go to this web site:

The F.E.A.S.T. course ID is 1098422

Education Grant for VT residents

Check the VSAC website. They are offering grants to VT residents to take courses out of State. You may qualify for a full or partial grant to take the FEAST course. To find out more, check out the Vermont Non-Degree grant application process on their web site:

There may be other programs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York.

Work Trade

Our criteria for choosing work trade students include: people with few resources who instead can offer applicable work, and people who sign up early. We have 4 work trade positions open for the following jobs:

1) Logistics coordinator – help with setup and takedown of classroom; coordinating snacks and carpool
2) Media – documenting the course and posting on social media
3) Events / Outreach – coordinate and publicize all public events
4) Design – work with design clients and instructors on packaging final design projects

These positions are for a 1/4 discounted tuition. On the registration page note which position you think you are qualified or want more training in. Please register with us and pay the $200 deposit to hold your spot. You will know before August 15 if you have been accepted. Those folks that do not get work trade will either pay the full tuition or we will send your deposit back to you.

Payment Plans

Please state your need on the registration form to request a payment plan. With the payment plan we are asking folks to submit all checks up front, and to date the checks ahead: September 15, October 15, November 15. We will then deposit the checks once they come due.