Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I help spread the word about this awesome course?!

We would love help to spread the word! DOWNLOAD FLIER HERE

2) What if I miss a class because of a snow storm or can’t make it for some other reason?

Our expectation is that folks are taking the course because they are committed to learn about Permaculture and in return will receive a Permaculture Design Certification for 72 hours of challenging, inspiring and life changing fun.

If a student must miss a class due to an “act of God” we understand, and that days information will be passed to you in one form or another.

Only one class can be missed to still receive your Permaculture Certification. If you must miss a class please notify us prior to your absence. Also, be aware that this creates more work for the organizers and not missing classes is the best plan for all of us!

3) What if a class is canceled, it may be difficult for me to find another weekend that works?

We may need to cancel a class due to weather. We would either reschedule the class for another time, or provide the information to students in some other medium. It is also possible, that because of global warming, all of our classes will be on warm sunny afternoons, and the weather won’t be a problem 🙂

Teacher illness is something else that may happen. We have designed this course in such a way that multiple instructors will be involved. If one of us happens to be ill the day of a class, another will most likely step in to fill the void (Permaculture principle of redundancy).

In 2012 we have implemented two new strategies to help navigate class cancelations. Saturday, December 8 will be a make up day so make sure block that in your calendar. Also, you can call 413-xxx-xxxx to hear a message about the next classes expectations, including cancelations.

4) Money is really tight right now, can I pay in installments, access scholarships, or do work trade?

Please see our page: Fund yourself & Scholarships

5) What if for some reason the entire course is canceled?

The show must go on! If for some reason it doesn’t, we will refund all payments.

6) What if for some reason I need to cancel my registration?

This isn’t possible! Please don’t go :(… In the case that you must decide to spend these days washing your hair, we understand. If you cancel after August 15, but before the first day of class, we will keep the deposit of $200 for expenses already incurred. After the first day of class no refunds (sorry about that but we need to eat too).

7) I haven’t heard from the organizers in awhile, what is going on?

We are practicing the art of quite meditation and can’t be disturbed right now… Actually, you can contact us any time you have a question and Jonathan will get back to you within one week of the message. We also plan to send at least one update (most likely more) between now and the course, these will either be by email or by phone, or both. Thanks for giving us a nudge!

8) How can I learn more about scholarships, and if I apply when will I know if I will receive support?

If you haven’t checked out the scholarships page on our web site, please do so. There are some great “fund yourself” recommendations listed. We encourage everyone to try their best to exhaust those sources of potential funds. It is possible, with some creativity, to bring in some other funds, while having fun, and getting the word out about the power of permaculture!

All scholarships will be going through workforce development programs (see scholarships page for more information). We still need everyone to register on the web site and send in the $200 deposit, whether asking for scholarships or not. This will assure that your spot is saved in the event we fill up. If you applied for a scholarship, and for some reason you do not get in, we will refund the deposit to you.

9) How can I get academic credit for taking this course?

You can get 3 college independent study credits through UMass. If you could find out what your school needs from you to get credit for our course, we can provide you with information you may need. Please go ahead and register, and in the comments section remind us that you are researching academic credit, and at what school. This is very helpful in terms of including you in our planning.

10) What does a Certificate in Permaculture mean?

The certificate gives the holder the right to use the word “permaculture” in a business or other professional practice, and signifies successful completion of the permaculture design course. It is the pre-requisite to further training in permaculture design such as the two-year diploma program, teacher training courses, and other advanced permaculture trainings. Holders of the certificate join a growing community of many thousands of design-course graduates who share a common body of knowledge.

11) What are the course facilities like?

Over the years we’ve done this course at a few different locations, so things could change. But for now, our main classroom facilities are located here:

Wild Life Sanctuary Studio

12) Is there any coordination or support between current/former students looking to start local projects?

The most effective support we can provide is helping you with your ideas, and to answer your questions while you are in the course. Helping to guide you the best we can from our experience and with our supporting network of practitioners. At the end of the course we give some direction for next steps and resources folks can use to take what is learned in the course to the next level. We also use an online listserve to stay connected during and after the course. The listserve is great for all attendees and facilitators to help one another in the first year following the end of the course.

13) I hear about Permaculture happening in Australia and California. Where can I learn more about permaculture in the Northampton area and throughout Western Massachusetts or other places in the Northeast U.S.?

Good question! Obviously coming to our course is a great way to connect with an amazing local and regional network of folks who live and breath permaculture. For more information I would try these places as well: