More news, we are in the press and on radio

Eric has done dozens of radio interviews for Paradise Lot. The bioshelter is getting good coverage too. Here is another awesome radio interview on Public Radio International’s Living on Earth and an article about Paradise Lot from this last week in an Ithaca New York local paper…

Link to the press on the next page

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a 14-day design certificate course, with 6 weekend sessions Sept-Dec. 2013, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Another world is possible… learn how to build it and become a part of a  global movement to regenerate our communities and create the world we want to live in.

Inoculating a bed with King Stropharia mushrooms

As we face the devastating impact of increased militarism, peak oil, climate change, and growing social and economic inequality, permaculture offers us: skills, tools, solutions & strategies for healing social & ecological systems.

Permaculture is vision, design system, and global network that draws on patterns and principles found in nature to meet human needs, while regenerating the natural world and creating abundance we can share.

Dates of the course:

September 13 (evening only), 14, 15, 28, 29
October 18 (evening only), 19, 20
November 2, 3, 16, 17, 30
December 1, 7 (make up day in case of bad weather)

$998 early bird price
$1250 after August 1st
for funding options please click here

To register with early bird discount SIGN UP HERE.

Topics Include:

Principles and Ethics|Reading the Landscape|Urban Homesteading|Forest Gardening|Water Harvesting|Soil Regeneration|Creative Waste Cycling|                  Micro-livestock|Energy and Building Systems|Social Justice| Food Systems Planning|Cooperative Economics|Design For Climate Change|Community Building|Aquaculture|Design Projects, Methods, and Tools

This permaculture design certificate course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of permaculture principles & ethics; design processes, methodologies & tools; and how they can be applied to create regenerative human systems including food, housing, personal relationships, communities, and economies.

This course is structured in 6 weekend sessions from September-December, allowing full-time workers, students and people with families more flexibility to participate.

Successful completion of this course will earn participants an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

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